Connectar is an App designed for small businesses to help managers and team members better connect. Increase staff engagement by providing and receiving continuous feedback! 

Help improve company culture by showing employees you care. By providing your team with an outlet to voice concerns and rate their shifts anonymously, businesses can identify issues early before they become a real problem.

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Our Goal

Our Goal at Connectar is to help increasing employee morale through continuous feedback and improved communication. 

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Keep Everyone Informed

Share updates with your team directly through Connectar. Ensure your messages are received and read when team members start their shift so that everyone is informed and prepared for the workday. 

Time Keeping

Save time on payroll with Connectar’s built in time keeping function and exportable time sheets. 
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Collect Timely Feedback

Capture feedback when its fresh in your teams mind. By providing your team with an outlet to express anonymous feedback you can collect relevant information and take immediate action to improve work conditions. 

Send messages to your entire staff or individual team members

Improve work conditions by listening to your team. 

Save time on payroll and export time sheets. 

Track Mood Trends
Identify mood trends over time to get a sense of morale levels.

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